De Nux's mission is to provide quality wines and spirits to the trade, while working closely with our suppliers to understand their vision and share it with our customers and fellow enthusiasts.

 Taken March 22, 2013 after getting our ABC distribution approval!

Taken March 22, 2013 after getting our ABC distribution approval!

Along with providing exceptional customer service, we realize that our customers are our most important assets.

We Offer You:


We know that your wine selection is the profit center of your business. It is critical to offer a selection of wines that is enticing, unique and memorable to your customers. With our selection of carefully selected wines from around the world, we can help your selection stand out. In addition, we know that sometimes it is a high quality spirit or modifier that inspires a great cocktail. We pride ourselves on working with brands that cater to the growing mixology scene in the state of Arkansas.


De Nux is not in the business of routine price ups and downs. Big-box companies, who need to make ‘numbers’, raise and lower prices according to the sales requirements of their suppliers. Management at De Nux negotiates with our suppliers to obtain the best possible pricing on a wine up front. You know what you’re getting…and what you’re paying with us.


We do not charge you for ordering less than full cases of product. Despite high fuel prices and increased logistic expenses, we keep our delivery minimum low. We ask only that you order $100.00 of product to receive your order. We understand that limited storage space may be an issue for you and cash flow is critical to your success.


In a growing market where tastes are evolving and new products are arriving daily, it can be tough trying to stay on top of it all. De Nux is happy to lend to you our knowledgeable sales team to help prepare restaurant openings, menu changes, or new products at your retail store. Through successful staff education, we can help turn your De Nux selections into top sellers in your store of favorites in your bar or restaurant.

"We will not sell a “pretty good” bottle of wine. Our portfolio is limited on purpose, and when you buy something from us you can be confident in it's quality. Let me put three De Nux products in your establishments. You won’t regret it!"

~Alexia Elichiry, Founder and Director of Sales