Château de Nux à Barran

Château de Nux à Barran

The Name

Early on, Alexia Elichiry (full name: Alexia Lauriane Christine Elichiry de Nux) knew she wanted to use her grandmother's family name as the name of her company. Genevieve “Ginette” de Nux was born into a French family tracing their lineage to the early 9th century. De Nux (pronounced "de nuhks,") literally translates to "nobile nut," referencing the abundance of nut trees near the de Nux family castle. Still standing in Barran, France is Le Château de Nux, which was taken from the family during the French Revolution.


De Nux Crest



The Coat of Arms

The De Nux family crest depicts a crown with sixteen points, symbolizing the title of Count; three moons, symbolizing the three crusades Alexia's forefathers fought in; a chevron, symbolizing knights, the protectors of the castle; and a nut tree, for the Greco-Roman villa on which the castle was built, surrounded by nut trees. De denotes nobility, and nux is Latin for "nut." The family coat of arms is de Nux Distributors’ logo, mirroring Alexia's bond to family and tradition.